About me

Hello my friend,
if You came here, it means, You are important to me.
I am not Jesus or Buda, I am just a regular guy.

I  become interested in programming, then I was 11 years old and in my school we had a class with old Commodores. It was 1994, computers were made at 1980. They ran on BASIC 1.0 So we start to learn programming by BASIC.

After I finished High School, I start to study programming for computers. I had a lot practice with Delphi, Java, PHP, RDBS, I even touched ASM, and even more  heavy-duty abbreviations. But before I finished college, I start to work in casino as a dealer.  At the time it was much better payed job than programmer.

And there came a crisis (not the game I just to play, financial one). Casinos started to break down, cut personal, salaries. One day I decide to raise the sails. And so I found myself on the cruise ship. Still as a casino dealer. Money was not very good, but casino staff on board have more privileges, don’t work while ship is in port, and can go out to see the World!

However everything have beginning and end. At the moment I am in beautiful Brazil, next to Rio de Janeiro, getting ready to marry and stay here.

I am looking for new opportunities and trying to start my freelancer programmers carrier.

If You need some help with PHP, JAVA programming, WordPress or Joomla installing, modifications, You are very welcome to contact me here, or gedmis at gmail point com

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